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“To become masters of Love, we have to practice Love.”

~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Common Reiki Myths

© Dr. Tarasa B. Lovick

Reiki energy healing is well known and practiced throughout the world. However, there are myths surrounding the teaching and practice of Reiki. Some people believe that you have to be attuned to heal with your hands. Others believe that the lineage of your teacher matters. Finally, some people believe that all you have to do is become attuned and that makes you a master. Let’s clarify three of these myths for folks trying to understand Reiki.

Myth 1:  You have to be attuned to Reiki to heal with your hands.

You don’t have to be attuned to Reiki to heal with your hands. On occasion you have probably met someone who had “healing hands,” and they were not attuned to Reiki, perhaps a massage therapist. You may have even commented, “WOW your hands are really healing.” All humans possess an innate Reiki Handsability to heal with their hands which they instinctually use if it has not been interrupted. What do you do when a someone cries or gets hurt?  You comfort them with your hands; the natural impulse is to touch and sooth with our hands. When we want to convey sympathy or solidarity or friendship you take the other’s hands. Expressing love with the hands is instinctive.

The purpose of the Reiki attunement/s is to strengthen, balance and heal the energy field and open the chakras at the palms and throughout your body. Each Reiki attunement changes the energetic vibration of the individual being attuned to the different frequency. This way, Reiki practitioners access energy from the Source, Inifinity, God, Existence, Spirit, the Sacred Heart, whatever you call it; rather than using their energy to heal. This is why Reiki practitioners are conduits for the energy that is transmitted through them; moreover it is the reason the energy has an innate wisdom. This is not unique to Reiki, many healing modalities work in a similar manner. So, from your first Reiki attunement you will be able to allow Reiki to flow through you.

Myth 2:  Reiki Lineage Matters

There are some Reiki practitioners or clients who feel that one school of Reiki is more beneficial than another. However, the use of Reiki energy existed before the “discovery” of Reiki by Dr. Usui in Japan. Therefore, finding the teacher with the practices and experiences that you want to learn from is what is important not the lineage. A teacher can share with you their lineage, however it is not the most important indicator of an individuals clarity, integrity, or compassion (three important factors in any practice). Do your research and make a conscious decision of who you want to learn from (Choosing A Teacher). Once you make the intention to learn Reiki, let your heart guide you to the appropriate teacher and/or practitioner: remember, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Myth 3:  All You Need is the Energy

Yes, after the Reiki attunement, you become a conduit for the Reiki energy; however, healing is holistic and involves the whole person: body, mind, and spirit must become integrated for wholeness to occur. When you receive a Reiki attunement you have the opportunity to step through a door to a new world. However, discovering the power of the Reiki energy is a process. You need to explore the tools, techniques, and symbols for healing. The Reiki attunement is the initiation; after it, you are invited to discover and learn about Reiki’s potential to aid in growth and transformation at deeper and deeper levels of awareness.

Over a decade ago, Dr. Tarasa B. Lovick was one of the founders of the Vermont Reiki Association. She is an awakened Reiki Master Teacher, Oneness Trainer, Sacred Chamber Facilitator, Workshop, Keynote and Retreat Presenter. She is writing a dissertation on Awakening for a doctorate in Holistic Theology. Tarasa has a private practice in Keene, NH empowering individuals, families and communities to realize their divine purpose on Earth

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